Frequently Asked Questions

I have never worked with a photographer before. What is the first step?

Call, text, email or fill out the contact form to start a casual, free conversation with Mary about your photography request. References and pricing are provided upon request. On site creative consulting is also a great way to get started. Depending on your location, this can be complimentary as well.

I'm in a hurry to get some photos taken. Do you offer quick turnaround?

I don't like to wait so neither should you. For Real Estate Sales Photography, I will have your photos to you within 24 hours unless prior arrangements are made. For non real estate sales photography, I do my best to meet your deadlines.

I don't have a big budget but I want a pro look. How do I do this cost efficiently?

The best way to save money is to give us a shot list and preferred angles and to have the location prepared for when the photographer arrives. Prior to the photo session, the photographer will discuss your visual and marketing goals, advice on a shot list and provide detailed guidelines on preparing a location. Another strategy for interior designers and architects is to book shorter sessions with fewer photos. This is a great way to start to build your portfolio.

Can I use the photos for my web site, web marketing, social media?

Yes, you have full web usage for your photos. It is included in the fee you pay for the photo session.

How do I review my photos, make edit requests and get delivery?

You will have access to a private online gallery to browse and make your photo selections and edit requests before the final editing process begins. (post production editing is included with every photo session) Photos are delivered through a free online service. For real estate sales photos, the standard package does not include photo previews since most transactions are too timely.

Can my contractors, designers, homeowners, etc. use the photos?

Yes, for a fee. You have purchased usage of the photos. Everyone else will need to purchase usage as well. This can be done by having them contact me directly for payment and delivery. For real estate sales photo shoots, the homeowner receives a link to the photos of their property with a watermark as part of the real estate package.

What can I expect when you arrive on location? Do I need to be there?

For all property photo shoots, one photographer arrives with a full format camera and wide angle lens, portable lightweight hand held strobe lighting and a tripod. Using ambient and strobe light, the photographer is able to beautifully light even the darkest of rooms. For real estate and rental photo sessions, it is not a requirement for you to be there as long as the property is "photo ready". You will be given a check list of how to prepare a property for a photoshoot well in advance so you know how to get the best look in your photos.

I need a head shot for work and my linked in profile. How much does that cost?

A head shot done in studio with a seamless white background is $200. This includes a one hour photo session, outfit changes, an online gallery for viewing and selecting 3 final images with 3 background color choices and a black and white version of each portrait selection.

My company needs head shots for a team of employees. How does that work?

You have two options. 1. The photographer can set up a mini studio at your location or 2. Each individual can make an appointment at the Framingham or Wellfleet studio.

I have phone photos I want to use for marketing. Can you make them look great?

Often, I can! Working with the largest, un-cropped files you have, I can straighten, sharpen, color correct and improve shadows and highlights to mimic actual HDR images taken with a pro-camera. The only thing I can't work magic on is the resolution. Phones have a resolution of 72 dpi and my camera has a resolution of 300 dpi resulting in much sharper images that look great on web sites and prints.

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